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About Duane Morris' Myanmar:

We are on the ground and have extensive local and international experience. We are a team of foreign lawyers and local Myanmar lawyers with over a decade experience in Myanmar. We also have Japanese and Korean speaking lawyers who will serve you well.

About Mr. Oliver Massmann:http://www.duanemorris.com/attorneys/olivermassmann.html


Since the regulatory framework in Myanmar is undergoing rapid changes, the foreign and local investor may face many obstacles in understanding and complying with the laws of Myanmar.

Should you have any query about Myanmar’s regulatory framework or need our advice and solution to ease your concern or resolve your legal issues, please feel free to contact us anytime by sending an email to: omassmann@duanemorris.com. We are ready to support you.

We shall regularly issue Myanmar Update to provide our user and client the most updated news about the legal and investment environment in Myanmar and a brief summary on the newly issued legal documents.

Our Myanmar Update is issued for the purpose of information provision and as a reference tool. The summary on the newly issued legal documents does not contain or should not be used as a legal advice.


We often participate in the international conferences and workshops and engage in many speeches and panel discussions on the legal framework and investment environment in Myanmar.

Below are some of our selected speaking engagements. Should you have any further question relating our presented topics, please send us an email to:omassmann@duanemorris.com

Tax issues are always major concern of any business, especially with the practice in Myanmar where the regulatory framework is undergoing rapid changes. To avoid any losses and issues related to tax,the business must seek the advice from professional and experienced tax experts.

We are providing tax advisory services to foreign and local investors who are running business in Myanmar or looking to investment opportunity in this country.


With the recent reforms, Myanmar is opening up to foreign investment and may become a new emerging market in South East Asia. However, Myanmar’s regulatory framework is a work in process and remains one of the biggest concerns for foreign companies looking to do business in this country.

We have published the Myanmar Investment Guide which includes the information about